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hdd not detected

  1. D

    PC keeps crashing and losing Network Adapter And I Dont Know Why

    Here are the list of problems/symptoms. It takes a really, really, really long time to boot. Way longer than it should considering its a 7800X3D with an NVME SSD boot drive. 90% of the times when the PC does boot, regardless of speed, the PC doesnt get any internet. The network adapter...
  2. Luger

    Dell latitude e6420 doesn’t recognize Hdd after taking it apart

    After I took my pc apart reassembled it , The motherboard doesn’t recognize my HDD whatsoever , And when I boot my pc up it shows me this message “No bootable device found” although the hdd is connected ,keep in mind that my Hdd worked just fine before i took my pc apart Any ideas what’s...
  3. P

    Laptop pops up "no bootable device please insert boot disk"

    Its a Toshiba Satellite laptop, when turned on it pops up the message saying "no bootable device please insert disk", i went into the bios and its detecting the hdd, but keeps getting that message, the laptop had a fall some time ago so i thought it could have damaged something, so i opened the...
  4. Mucipz

    Hdd not recognized on disk management or file explorer but shown on BIOS

    What should i do? i have tried lots of things but nothing seems to work the hdd is on 99% health when i got it
  5. T

    Solved HDD not detected

    A couple of days ago i have used windows reset 'till than everything was fine. After system reset laptop detects only SSD. When i enter bios and go to storage properties it says that SATA slots are empty. I havent touched internal components ever. I have used intel assistant to instal all...