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  1. S

    Solved can i run two GPU separately in my PC?

    I recently posted on here about buying a better GPU to upgrade from my Niviida 1060 3gb card I have decided to go with the GIGABYTE GEFORCE RTX 2060 SUPER WINDFORCE OC 8G link here for the discussion...
  2. P

    Entire PC stuttering, need help to identify problem.

    Trying to determine if a specific piece of hardware has been causing my issues. PC specs: Z97MX- Gaming 5 motherboard with Intel Core i7-4790K (motherboard is about 5-6 years old) Geforce GTX 1070 Ti (card is relatively new, a little over a year) C: drive is Samsung SSD 850 120GB (came with...
  3. Valhalla12345

    Graphics Card high usage on some games.

    Hello! So few years before I got this great ASUS gaming laptop. I'll copy paste the info I gathered on what specs I have : Windows 10 x64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6300HQ CPU @2.30GHz 2.30GHz 16 GB RAM And the most important in this case- graphic cards : Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 NVIDIA GeForce GTX...
  4. F

    Solved Dual montior setup issue

    Is it possible while using a dual monitior setup, that having one plugged into the integrated gpu port and the other in the dedicated gpu(geforce gtx 1080) that your pc restarts itself no warning and no blue screen? I've been trying to narrow down my issue for weeks and everyone just ends up...
  5. raysunicorn

    Audio very stuttery and scratchy

    I was cleaning my computer and when I put it back together it was fine. Except the audio was stuttering and sounds extremely scratchy (best way I can describe it). I made sure that the problem wasn't coming from the speakers or headphones. Both work on my laptop just fine. I updated my...
  6. S

    PC low FPS in most games

    I like to think I have a decent build but for whatever reason I wont hit 60fps on some of my games, I don't know if its a software or hardware issue. if anyone can help that would be awesome!
  7. R

    Help, my PC crashes when I play certain games

    So around October last year my PC started crashing randomly when playing certain games, like completely shuts off, and then it won't turn back on for like 10-20 minutes AND I have to power cycle it. But this only happens when the ambient temp in my room is warm and when the game is seemingly...
  8. E

    PC shutting down and restarting without warning

    Hi all, i have had quite a large problem with my pc ever since i had it. this is my first one so i am relatively new to the details of the problems and solutions. the issue is that my computer shuts its self down without any error or warning at all and then re-boots its self automatically a few...
  9. welmorfian

    My laptop shuts down after it falls below 40% to 30% Battery

    PC SPECS: HP Processor: Intel Core i3-5005U 2.00Ghz Ram: 4 GB System type :64x PROBLEM: This started happening not while ago.After falling below 35% PC started shutting down whit out any warning. After that it can't start up whiteout charger being plugged in. This resulted in huge loss of work...
  10. Robertart

    2 games suddenly lagging (low fps) !?

    My problem is the following: I was away from my PC for about 3 days. Everything was working fine before that. When I returned to my PC and started up either of those 2 games, they were suddenly lagging to an extent that they were unplayable. To take note of, is that these games didn't ever lag...
  11. B

    Newer PC freezes and a part makes a noise

    Specs CPU: Ryzen 3 1300x 3.5Ghz (under clocked to 3.3) GPU: Geforce Gtx 1050ti Evga MOBO: ASrock AB350MPRO4 RAM: Hyperx fury 2X8 2400 Wireless card: RNX-AC1300PCE PSU: EVGA 450W B3 moular bronze CPU heatsink: AMD Wraith HDD: WD blue 1TB I have recently built a new PC in late December and it was...
  12. M

    PC having problems, can't narrow down the issue.

    About 3 days ago, I downloaded a windows 10 update (possibly not related) and the next day my computer was acting up. I saw weird vertical lines of pixelation when my cursor was over a tab in chrome as shown in this picture https://imgur.com/a/j52zB which later also showed up in gifs, pictures...
  13. S

    I think my sound card is going bad

    So, whenever I play video games there is a static noise in the background. It's bare-able while playing and is barely even audible. However, when I record my gameplay, the recording amplifies the noise and at times it is louder than my microphone recording or the audio of the gameplay. From what...
  14. L

    PC got damaged during move

    Hey All- Built a pc around december of last year, and it got damaged while i moved across the country. I opened it up and the graphics card was dislodged, but intact, and the port that the graphics card was in was very slightly bent so I moved it to a different port. The computer boots fine, but...
  15. W


    This is my first question and I have never been apart of a forum before so please bare with me. I have not touched my pc and have fully disconnected it for 3 weeks and I plugged it back in and turned it on and my fps droped by 60. I was getting a smooth 80-100 fps in battlegrounds now I get...
  16. passwurd

    Solved Does Overclocking require a Overclocking program or BIOs settings to run?

    I'm asking this because I'm getting a 1050Ti Overclocked, and I don't know if it goes to Overclocking automatically or with manual input. So, if I get this out of the box and set it up, can I expect it to run normally with no overclocking?
  17. A


    Ok so I just built my gaming this last Friday (March/31/2017) and this is not my first build either I've just never had this problem before. I got everything set up and installed and when I went to do my first boot it just wouldn't turn on. So I did everything I could to possibly fix it and it...
  18. Johnathon Patterson

    Solved Computer Slow after malware removal?

    Hello, I posted here last night asking for help with a trojan called "[email protected]". I went through the process with the expert and it seemed to work. However, now my laptop is moving slow. Not all the time, just every so often it lags. I could be switching to my desktop, my click doesn't...