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graphic card

  1. A

    MSI Monitor Didplay Issues/Graphics Card Issues

    This is following up from my previous thread, https://pchelpforum.net/t/windows-11-boot-issues.88451/page-2#post-188788. After trying all the previous recommendations in my previous thread. I was able to finally do a start up repair which allowed me to boot back into Windows. Though once I...
  2. TeeZ

    5 beeps when starting my PC

    Components: Intel Core i7-12700F (2.1 GHz) GIGABYTE B760 DS3H DDR4 DDR4 Textorm - 32 GB 3200 MHz - CAS 16 Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4070 GAMING OC Gigabyte UD750GM - 750W When starting my PC, the speaker beeps 5 times and a red light comes on on my motherboard which indicates a problem with my...
  3. Simon888

    graphic card suddendly not work anymore

    Hello, My geeforce gtx 960 don't work anymore. I was playing a game till suddenly pc shut down completely. no burn smell or something. I turned pc on again and i saw no signal on monitor. After analizing all the components, I installed an old graphics card and the pc is working again. I can't...
  4. H

    Solved Black screen in Games only

    Hello guys, i am really in need of your help here. I upgraded every piece on my pc and since doing that i get black screens in games with the music still runing (sometimes?) after a short lag. Only message I have on my screen then is signal lost. Weird thing is, that doesnt allways happen. On...
  5. F

    Used GPU, is this artifacting caused by faulty GPU or FSR?

    Just got a used Sapphire RX 6600 today. it still has nearly 3 years of warranty but I've noticed this weird glitch/ artifact happening in cyberpunk, is this GPU's fault and I should give it back? Or is it some known FSR issue since it only happens with FSR on. The card physically looks perfect...
  6. J

    I upgraded gpu and my performance in games got worse?

    I upgraded gpu and my performance in games got worse? So I just recently went from a rx 570 to a rx 6600 xt. And on multiple games I can’t even look around with out tanking fps. What I’ve tried it - using ddu and uninstalling and reinstalling drivers -update bios and chipsets - Enable My...
  7. tung thanh

    Solved upgrade card

    Hi, i want to install card rx 6500xt to my HP z420 workstation , will it run ?
  8. David Jukić

    Solved Horizontal grey lines show up on my screen when increasing resolution.

    Hello, i am having a problem with my pc or display. When its put on 1080p resolution everything works perfect, but as soon as i increase the resolution i get grey flash horizontal lines. In games there are no performance issues like fps drops or stuttering but the grey lines appear. I...
  9. PSunknown

    Solved Hey guys i need help with my pc please

    I was cleaning out my PC cause it was dusty and had a bit of cat hair in it. So I took my gpu out and wiped it down with toilet paper and then I used a toothpick to clean the inside alittle and when I put the card back into the mobo and turn the PC on I get dram issues and I wasn't having any...
  10. G

    Pending OP Response PC won't post - Mobo/GPU/CPU/PSU?

    Hello, The problem As the title of the thread says, my PC won't post. First it would just make the display flicker and then give me a black screen. I then went to the BIOS configuration screen. The display would flicker there as well, which must mean that the issue is a hardware issue. After a...
  11. ItzNikoz

    Solved Should I buy it? (MSI RX 6500 XT)

    Hello, I am want buy graphics card for mid-gaming (games as GTA ROLEPLAY, CS:GO, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS e.t.c). I want to buy the RX 6500 XT for 278 EUR. Is this card good for the games i want play? Thank You <3
  12. C

    VGA to DisplayPort issues

    Hello! My monitor only has a vga port, and is currently connected to the vga port for the cpu of my pc. I want to plug my monitor into my gpu, but there are only displayport and hdmi ports. I have tried both VGA to hdmi, and VGA to displayport, but each time there is no signal to the monitor...
  13. Lixon

    Solved My video card's fan is spinning vrey fast

    When i am playing Overwatch or Blackwake my video card's fan is spinning vrey fast and on my monitor appears ,,No video imput". In Cs:Go is fine.
  14. L

    Horizontal lines

    Hey, I've have horizontal lines on my monitor when i turn it on, but disappear after some minutes. I wonder if somebody have had the same problem? - Is it the minitor or the GPU? Thanks
  15. VFTW-LagNation

    Solved ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 TUF OC

    Hey! Just got my new pc, with an Geforce RTX 3070 TUF OC card, and i only now found out it needed 750 w. And i got 650 w. will there be a problem and if what so? got my pc 1 week ago today... plz help a noobie
  16. T

    Bipolar Graphics Card

    So I recently moved, and had to reset up my computer. I set it up, it worked fine as usual and gamed on it perfectly fine. The next day I wanted to move my room around, so I unplugged everything, set the pc and monitors aside and when I plugged everything back in, I was getting a "no signal"...
  17. H

    Graphics Driver and Monitor help

    Hey, so I'm new here and I have very limited knowledge about gaming PC's. Just last month I got a new PC built for me a by family member. However, I'll be brief and say that I've been having a lot of issues with the graphics driver crashing when I play games and now my screen won't stop pausing...
  18. J

    Hardware support plzzz

    Hello , so I costumed built my water coolant pc , everything was running great . Then one day I decided to upgrade my graphics card to a better one so that I can game . I had on there working GeForce 8800 GTX and the graphics card I bought used from somebody on offerup to try to upgrade it was...
  19. JakubM

    Solved Not Sure if My Nvidia is Working Properly or at All

    Hi guys, I've been having some issues with my graphic card. I tried to do some research on my own but nothing helped, so I am here to ask you. I am suspecting my Nvidia Geforce GT 555M is lazy to work and everything is on my Intel(R() HD Graphics 3000 secondary card. What's wrong exactly: If...
  20. l.bombonati

    Problem video card and ram

    One month ago, I decided to fix and upgrade my pc, for example, change ram and add a video card. I order a MSI GeForce 1050Ti Gaming X 4gb, I installed it and there were no problems. Problems started when new RAM arrived. Before changing them, there where 4gb (2x2gb) by Corsair; I replaced...