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gaming computer

  1. spookyhimbo666

    Why is 2 out of my 3 monitors blacking out whenever I stream Hulu/Netflix/Spotify/etc?

    So I have 2 ASUS [VS248] monitors and 1 Samsung [S22E310], and when I am gaming or using programs at full screen and streaming YouTube/Netflix/Hulu/Spotify/etc. through a browser window, my 2 ASUS monitors go black [still on but just black] while my Samsung monitor remains unaffected by this...
  2. S

    Solved Video Games crashing. CPU at 100%

    AMD ryzen 3600X Asus Prime x570-P motherboard RTX 2080 Super Black Edition 32 GB RAM The other day after a windows update one of my hard drives failed. Since then I’ve been dealing with all sorts of issues with my computer. My computer works fine for things such as google, YouTube and work...
  3. X

    Would this pc be able to run games

    Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit - CPU Intel Core is 2300 @ 2.80GHz Sandy Bridge 32m Technology RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24) # Motherboard Gateway DX4850 (CPU 1) Graphics M240A1 (1920×1080@60Hz 1024MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4850 (XFX Pine Group) 51 °C E...
  4. B

    Solved Need help identifying a problem - freezing in rust (and other games)

    BENCHMARK: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/61856154 CPU: Intel Core i5 13500 - believe it's locked at 2.5GHz Memory: DDR4-3200 Kingston 8gb - 2 sticks (16gb) GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Hard Drive: Kingston SNV2S500G (500gb SSD) Rust runs great , around 100-140 fps consistently however...
  5. Caine

    Certain Games Closing On Launch

    Hey all, so I’ve been dealing with this issue for several weeks now, and I’m just now stumbling across this forum in hopes that some of you csn help. So I upgraded all of my hardware in October and since then I’ve had issue after issue. I switched from Intel CPU and NVIDIA GPU to AMD...
  6. Gan.

    Multiple games limited to 20-30 fps while GPU usage pegged at 100% without temp increase

    Specs : - AMD Ryzen 7 5700x - KFA2 RTX 3060 12gb 1-click OC - 16 GB ( 2x8GB ) DDR4 @3.6GhZ CL18 ( Corsair Vengeance LPX ) - ASUS Prime B550M-a WiFi II - Win10 Pro 64-bit - BeQuiet ! Pure power 11fm 850W - SAMSUNG 980 EVO 1TB NVMe - Issue : I have had my PC, custom-built for about a month...
  7. M

    Games crashing on new pc. Graphics display driver issue?

    I recently built a gaming pc with my brother (first time builders) and my games are crashing with graphics display errors left and right. I would play a game for 5-15 minutes with great performance and then it will crash the game randomly, with or without an error message. If it did have an...
  8. M

    Need help diagnosing my issue. Have been trying for months now.

    Hi, I have a desktop pc: ASUS B-550 F-Gaming, Ryzen 7 3800x, ASUS TUF RTX 3080 12GB, 2x32GB Corsair vengeance 3600Mhz, Kingston A2000 1TB M.2. My issue is that the pc stutters a lot and in pretty much every game I play. In some games it is very random when the stutters occur, but in other...
  9. N

    My GPU only working at 30% after moving

    I just moved yesterday with my computer. Before moving, my computer was working perfectly fine. Absolutely no problem, always super fast. Now that I plugged it at my new place, when I opened my favorite game, I saw that it was super slow. Unplayable. And when I tested other games, it was the...
  10. G

    Computer crashes randomly while gaming

    So I just upgraded my computer with a new CPU, Motherboard, PSU, and RAM. CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x MB: rog strix b-550-f gaming (wifi) RAM: OLOy DDR4 (2x8GB) 300MHz PSU: EVGA 600 BR 80+ Bronze 600W I kept the same SSD and HDD I had in the old build and the same gtx 1060 GPU. I reinstalled windows...
  11. H

    Graphics Driver and Monitor help

    Hey, so I'm new here and I have very limited knowledge about gaming PC's. Just last month I got a new PC built for me a by family member. However, I'll be brief and say that I've been having a lot of issues with the graphics driver crashing when I play games and now my screen won't stop pausing...
  12. A

    Solved Custom Gaming PC not running as expected

    Hi guys, I built my first custom PC back in August 2017 with the following specs: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (14nm) 3.2 GHz 6-Core Processor Gigabyte GA-AB350-GAMING 3 ATX AM4 Motherboard Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3000 Memory PNY CS1311 120 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Seagate Barracuda 2...
  13. S

    Solved Game's keep crashing

    So for some reason most games that I try to play on my PC keep crashing after a while of playing. My PC should have no problem at all running these games and lowering the settings doesn't seem to change a thing anyway. I am almost certain my drivers are up to date and all but not sure which to...
  14. S

    PC low FPS in most games

    I like to think I have a decent build but for whatever reason I wont hit 60fps on some of my games, I don't know if its a software or hardware issue. if anyone can help that would be awesome!
  15. E

    Mobo Damage, PLEASE HELP

    Hey, so since my msi ge62 6qf ran out of warranty I’ve opened it up a few times to do some mods such as increase ram and replace thermal paste with liquid metal. All projects have gone to plan and haven’t had any issues until one of my fan bearings went. In the process of changing out my fans I...
  16. Fossilmars

    The Ultimate Stutter Problem

    So I've had the most annoying fps stutter issues recently. I've tried everything (literally). So it's a normal sounding issue with a seemingly simple fix. While playing my game seems to have lag spikes that cause my game to drop to almost under 20 frames. Last about 2 seconds mostly, every...
  17. Yqmxh

    Is my pc compatible?

    I put this custom pc together. I just wanna know if I’m missing any necessary components or if everything’s compatible. Can you check the power supply, motherboard, cpu, gpu and ram to see if it’s compatible. (P.S if there’s cheaper versions of these parts can you let me know. Also since the gpu...