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  1. Jolt32

    Solved is this clock speed normal?

    first time building pc. how do i fix this if its not normal and my pc fans seem to ramp up and down too when starting up an application. and are the idle temps good?
  2. freestyler24

    Solved CPU thermal throttle issue on my i5 6600k.

    My i5 6600k temp idles around 44° C to 49° C and with load (playing game-cs go, using video editing tool-filmora) it shoots to 100° C within 30 seconds. Also when I did a stress test with intel extreme tuning utility same thing 30 seconds into the test it shoots to 100°C. Also my CPU usage idles...
  3. RetroAech

    CPU Temps Looping/Repeating

    Hello! TL:DR - Reapplied Thermal Paste and now my CPU temps are looping/repeating 10 degrees at a time, nonstop at idle. according to third party software. 58c, 57c, 56c, 55c, 54c, 53c, 52c, 51c, 50c, 49c, 48c, 58c, 57c, 56c ... etc My BIOS shows a steady temp. I just built my very first PC...