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  1. Gabriel Mansur

    FPS drops / Robotic sound

    Hello! I have a ideapad gaming 3i and one issue is bothering me a lot Sometimes, my games crashes, with my FPS droping to 1~10 and a robotic sound Before, it's only happened when I was playing games like warzone, *** of war 4, etc Now, that's happening with VALORANT, which never happened I...
  2. KevinG

    ‎Freeze pc, restart with button.‎

    I come to you because I have had a problem with my pc for a few days or even a week. Sometimes my pc freezes and it starts with a non-response from my keyboard followed by my mouse and then frozen screen. If I do nothing it can stay like that for more than 2 hours. I have to turn off the pc with...
  3. loismke

    help, screen making weird pixel things sometimes

    so i have made my own desktop about 2-3 months ago amd radeon 5700xt amd ryzen 5 3600x asus x570 a pro motherboard 16gb ram with windows 10 but since a week ago when i was just random watching youtube i got some weird purple squares in my screen (picture attached) and it maybe stays for a few...
  4. sixtydegr33

    Serious Issues with character model bugs

    Is anyone able to have a quick look at these issues that I have been having with GTA V and FIFA 20 (also Modern Warfare). The games have run perfectly in the past. I have tried all of the obvious stuff (uninstalling games, updated graphics driver, got a replacement GPU). (ignore audio, I was...
  5. helpmeobiwan

    Windows 10 Crashing BSOD when I open task manager and click performance

    when I access task manager and press performance my pc crashes http://speccy.piriform.com/results/sAjvr10ki5bLPCzTYZVzYzn please use simple language when attempting to assist me
  6. nakkikoira

    Bluescreen problem

    First of all my english is bad im not native. So, one day i was going to play pubg with my friends. Then when the game was downloading my headset went deaf and i got bluescreen. And averytime after that i couldn't go to play pubg or fortnite it did the same thing and excatly the same bluescreen...
  7. T

    File Explorer Freezes when Click Right Click New.

    Recently I am facing this issue. whenever I click right click and select new, the menu box or 'context menu' freezes along with the file explorer. It does not happen with other items such as sort by or view by options in the context menu. It only occurs when I click new. It freezes like about 15...
  8. J

    Screen Crashes Black and Unresponsive forcing restart

    I have been having this issue for over a year now, and have been living through it trying to be patient as long as I can until now. My computer monitor will randomly flicker and then crash, and if I'm listening to something when it happens I just hear a buzzing noise in my headphones. The PC...