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  1. Wyatt Cyrus

    Solved Newly built PC not displaying anything

    Hi there, I recently built my first desktop PC, but when I went to boot it up, there was no display connection. Ram lit up, fans turned on, GPU lit up. I got a error code (1 long three short) which from what I could tell meant that the video card had some problem. I've tried reseating it and...
  2. M

    Faulty gpu?

    I just recently bought new gpu (rx 7800xt) And i have had alot of problems with it after installing it. In the beginning i had screen flicker and black screens. I then upgraded my psu to 900w because my old was 50w below recommended. It started to work better (no flicker) But now i have started...
  3. M

    Solved Can this monitor be easily fixed?

    I have a 20" eMachines monitor from 2009 that cost about $100. One day it just faded for a second then died. When I turn it on, it shows the "eMachines" logo and briefly shows the "Acer" logo from the attached computer, but then nothing. It's all black. A new VGA cord did not help. But a new...
  4. Not_JackReid

    Bluetooth Headphones slow audio down

    Recently both my audio plugs in my pc have stopped working so I cant use my wired headphones. So I decided to buy a pair of Bluetooth headphones. This is them https://amzn.to/32XXjq2 I also don't have Bluetooth build into my pc so I bought a Bluetooth adapter. this is the one...
  5. S

    Think I might have fried my PC

    Hello. Today I decided to try to clean my pc. I cleaned the fans and case thoroughly and vacuumed the fans also. The PC was unplugged at the time. However, when I did this I smelled some kind of burning from the PC, it might have been a coincidence but I’m not sure. When I first plugged it in...
  6. P

    Solved Have I got a faulty motherboard?

    So I was starting to make a new build the other day here is the specs of the build NEW BUILD MOBO: AsROCK B450 Steel legend am4 (atx size) (The motherboard was already updated to support my CPU) CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6ghz RAM 2x Corsair vengeance LPX 16GB 3200Mhz PSU: Cooler master 600w MWE...
  7. O

    Solved New pc, No Video signal Need Help ASAP

    So I've been given the task of building the most budget gaming pc from a friend of mine and so far we managed tog et eveything for like $450 SPECS: Core i3-6100 8gb of DDR3 ram Radeon R9 380 gpu thermaltake 650w psu OEM HP mother board - IPM17-DD So my issue is that wheni turn on the pc...