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Solved Windows 10 Updates

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roger hawke

PCHF Member
Nov 15, 2016
When I checked for Windows Updates, apart from an update for Security Intelligence Update for Defender, there was an update for Intel Display.

Should I have installed the Intel update(which I did) or if not, how could I have stopped it from installing?

Also, if I shouldn't have installed the Intel update, how can I uninstall it??

basically, if MS says to install these updates, you do it.
some may not be needed but generally speaking, you are better of with than without.

the reason MS driver updates can sometimes be behind the times is the hardware manufacturers release their updates to MS for inclusion and MS takes their sweet time to test them in their 'real world' environment before flagging them MS Certified. in the meantime, the manufacture may have released newer versions on the web site.

be aware however, you are very likely going to over write an update you got from the manufacturer yourself with Windows Updates.
I had just that issues last month. I download the latest Intel 630 display driver from Intel only to have MS cream it with one that was 2 version older.
I simply just had to go with the MS one until Intel supplied them with the latest for them to include.
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