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SAP wants to make supply chains greener than ever


PCHF Tech News
Jan 10, 2015
SAP has revealed a new way for climate-conscious companies to keep track of their emissions across the entire supply chain.

The German giant announced the launch of a new service that can do just that, monitoring carbon emission amounts from start to finish.

It says that the SAP Product Carbon Footprint Analytics tool can monitor individual plants, cost centres or even individual products to spot any potential issues or growth in emissions levels, helping manufacturers keep track of their spending.

Carbon footprint

SAP noted that although many companies already monitor and measure any CO2 emissions at their own production sites, customers are also increasingly demanding visibility into the full carbon footprint of the individual products they purchase.

Based on the company's own SAP S/4HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform offerings, the new application covers the entire supply value chain, including production, raw materials, energy use, and transport.

Manufacturers can compare data from different locations and geographies to see if their carbon footprint is bigger in certain territories than others, and can also integrate data from product databases and third-party solutions for greater analysis and insight.

The launch forms part of SAP's Climate 21 program, which looks to help customers make their operations better prepared for the emerging business reality where sustainability is a strategic and economic imperative.

“Our goal is to create transparency about carbon emissions all the way through the value chain, across industries, geographies, products, and services,” said Toby Croucher, head of Solution Management for Climate 21 and Sustainability at SAP. “Creating transparency of the carbon footprint straight through to the consumer will help inform climate-responsible buying and consumption.”


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