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PS5 games reveal live blog: reporting live on Sony's The Future of Gaming event


PCHF Tech News
Jan 10, 2015
The PS5 games reveal is about to start, and we're running a live blog throughout today's event, which Sony is calling The Future of Gaming. Starting at 1PM PDT / 9PM BST / 4PM EDT, we'll get our first look at PS5 games coming to the console at launch and likely beyond. Here's how to watch the PS5 games reveal live stream, so you can follow along.

During this event, we expect to see an array of new game announcements and reveals, with PS5 exclusives debuted for the first time, among other games from third-party publishers and developers. The Future of Gaming will run slightly longer than an hour, Sony has confirmed.

What's being revealed is still a total mystery. Even with a week's delay from the original intended date of June 4, seemingly nothing has leaked from what we're going to see very shortly. We don't expect to see the console itself, or to learn the PS5 price, and instead we expect the focus to remain solely on games (with some discussion of the how the PS5 hardware helps bring these games to life).

Below, we'll be live blogging the PS5 games reveal event over the next couple of hours, up until the end of the live stream.

PS5 games reveal live blog

All times in Pacific Daylight time (PDT).

12.45 - 15 minutes to go until we see what Sony has up its sleeve. We're going to play it safe with our last-minute predictions: we expect to see Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and
a Demon's Souls remake shown off. But everything else, we're not prepared to bet on...

12.30 - 30 minutes to go! Our first look at PS5 games is almost here. A reminder that you can watch the PS5 Future of Gaming live stream here, and follow along with our observations on today's set of reveals.

12.19 - The rumor mill goes into overdrive on events like this, but it's best to go in with expectations in check on the PS5 games reveal. For example, the below (joke) tweet is hoping for a Metal Gear Solid remake. We think that's unlikely, but everyone has a wish list when a new generation comes around.

12.00 - With just an hour left until the live stream, refresh your memory of how the PS5 vs Xbox Series X battle is going so far. Both manufacturers have discussed console specs in detail, even if key details like price remain elusive. Games, ultimately, will be the deciding factor.

11.34 - Just under 90 minutes to go until The Future of Gaming live stream kicks off. A bit of trivia: this console generation will have lasted almost exactly as long as the PS3/360 generation before the consoles were succeeded - seven years (holiday 2006 to holiday 2013 vs holiday 2013 to holiday 2020).

11.03 - With just a couple of hours to go, you might want to read our PS5 specs analysis for how the console lines up next to the Xbox Series X. Sony's slow trickle of information about the PlayStation 5 has been a little different to Microsoft's approach, but today it's likely to take a huge step forwards.

10.35 - PS5 game announcements have been slowly trickling out ahead of this live stream - you can read about the PS5 games we know about and expect to see here. Just this week, it was announced that Destiny 2 is coming to PS5 in time for the expansion Beyond Light.

10.00 - As mentioned above, what we're not expecting to hear about today is the PS5 price. We think this showcase will only feature games, based on Sony's wording, and not the console itself.

09.33 - The last time Sony did a proper, traditional E3 conference was in 2017. That lasted for about one hour, give or take a few minutes. This showcase event will run for just over an hour, too, so you're potentially looking at an event that's equivalent to an E3 showing in breadth. Here's hoping we see plenty of new games.

09.00 - Which games will be revealed today? In terms of Sony's own developers, logic points towards Horizon Zero Dawn 2, since the first game is more than three years old, it sold a bucketload of copies and the developers have theoretically had enough time for a sequel to be made. Guerrilla has a reputation for being a developer that showcases PlayStation technology at its best, too - perfect for a first next-gen unveiling.

We think it's still slightly too early for *** of War 2 and Spider-Man 2, but we're willing to be surprised. A new Gran Turismo is rumored based on a recent trademark filing.

A Demon's Souls remake from port specialists BluePoint Games is also expected. Other, wilder rumors point towards a new Silent Hill game, and possibly Resident Evil 8, too.

08.33 - For context, the PS4 was greeted with game reveals from both Sony and third-party publishers and developers when the console was unveiled in 2013. They included games like Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack and Driveclub, and key titles from other publishers like Destiny and Watch Dogs.

It's likely we'll see a similar mix here, as publishers use this platform to get people excited about what they have planned for these new consoles.

07.55 - Hello there! Today is the day of the PS5 games reveal. The Future of Gaming is a 'digital showcase' that Sony has said "will run for a bit more than an hour". While the livestream today will be broadcast in 1080p 30fps to ease the production process for Sony's staff, a lot of whom are still working from home, it's pointed out the games will look far superior on 4K TVs.

This is arguably the most exciting reveal in the next-gen console wars, and we're hoping that Sony doesn't pull any punches with revealing its biggest upcoming projects. Microsoft, of course, did its first gameplay reveal last month, and it was a little too lean for some of those watching at home, with bigger Xbox Series X games being saved for a separate reveal in July.

We predict Sony will counter-program that, and bring a lot of big guns to the fore, both from its own developers and publishers it's partnered up with.


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