Pending OP Response Potential CPU bottlenecking/under performing when it shouldn't?

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PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Sep 9, 2019
Windows 10
Nvidia GTX 1080
Intel core I5-6600k
I've been searching around the internet for hours trying to figure this out. Basically, what's happening is that when I play games (any game) my CPU is under extreme stress and my GPU hovers extremely low (often times around 6%).
This often happens a lot when playing games that aren't as CPU intensive such as Overwatch. For the most part, I'm able to play Overwatch with relatively no frame drops at a constant 144fps, but I have to set the game to a high priority in task manager and keep all the settings as low as possible. Like I said before, the game will use up nearly all of my CPU and only a small portion of my GPU, and as a result, I'm getting a lot of frame drops, stutters, and freezes. I've mostly dealt with this issue, but I recently bought Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville with a couple friends of mine. They are able to run the game perfectly fine, including my friend with a CPU that has identical specs as mine. However, the game uses more CPU than I have available and the game is constantly stuttering and freezing as a result.
Things I've tried: Updating my drivers (every driver I have available), used DDU and reinstalled my graphics drivers, gone to the bios and disable integrated graphics, tried messing with power management to boost performance, tried just about every I could find in the Nvidia Control panel, ran the game as admin, checked to make sure that the CPU's cores weren't overheating (they stayed around 50C), tried game booster for closing background processes, tried Intel's diagnostic software which found no issues with my CPU, checked to make sure that my GPU was in the correct PCIe slot.
To the best of my knowledge, my computer understands what CPU and GPU I have, and what preferred graphics driver I want to use, but my cpu is still bottlenecking. What do I do?


Forum Regular
Support Team
PCHF Member
Oct 8, 2017
Yeppoon, QLD, Australia.
it's good that you have access to other PC's playing the same game and that one matches your CPU.
I would be trying to identify what are the differences with the setup of those two PC's, like; AV software, background tasks, OS build, etc.