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PC turns on but no display or keyboard/mouse (B450m + R5 5500)

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When I turn on the pc the cpu fan and case rgb fans turn on. But there is no display, neither do my keyboard and mouse light up.

I tried looking up what could cause this, I found that I should clear the CMOS, reset the BIOS.
I tried that several times, in multiple ways. First as my motherboard manual said, to short the ClrCMOS pins. Then as I was advised online, removed the CMOS battery and waited a while, while system powered off. Then I tried every imaginable combination of these.

I also tried to move the RAM around, try the sticks seperately, etc. That didn't help either.
I double checked every PSU connection, reseated everything, I didn't find success there either.
I even tried multiple power outlets around the house, making sure power isn't the problem.

I am losing hope, someone please help. What should I do? How can I fix this issue?

Also, my motherboard does not have LEDs or beeps to debug, as far as I know.

Everything I did, in more detail:
As my first pc build, I went as cost-efficient as I could. I got an AsRock B450m PRO4-F with a Ryzen 5 5500, rx 5600xt, 2x8GB Cl16 3000Mhz ram, samsung 980 500GB ssd and 650W Gold+ PSU. This together was 500 bucks. I think I got a good price on everything. (5600xt was 150$, used)

First it turned on as it should, I installed windows, ran some benchmarks, checked temps, everything went fine. I saw that my ram ran at 2133mhz, but the motherboard supports 2933mhz as well, so I turned on XMP in the Bios, but kept everything else default. I turned it on, tested things again, it seemed good. A couple hours later, I was gaming, then suddenly the display, keyboard and mouse cuts off, but the PC keeps running. I restarted the PC but nothing changed. Then I powered it off completely and tried to clear the CMOS, waited, turned it on. It turned on, but a few seconds later turned off, then on again, then off again. I powered it off and tried to reset the bios once again, now with removing the cmos battery. Since then it still has no display, whatever I do. I tried reseating everything, clearing the bios multiple times, moved the ram around.

The motherboard does have the latest update, so should be compatible with the ryzen 5000 series cpu. But I did buy it used, that concerns me, even though it worked initially. I also bought the GPU and PSU used, but I don't think that is the problem.
The CPU, RAM, SSD and case are all brand new, out of the box.
If you have any ideas, tips what I should try, please let me know :)
Thanks in advance


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PCHF Manager
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Jul 21, 2016
OK, you will have to get a product key for the OS before we can help.. So this means i will have to close your thread. Basically you are running an OS illegally .
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