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pc keeps freezing

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Hi everyone i have a really annoying problem recently whenever i play any game at all i can play it for a while usually 30 mins to 2 hours before the pc freezes completly and i dont know what is the problem i checked the temp using msi afterburner and other apps under load but it is all normal the temp usually between 50 to 60 Celsius and yes i tried formatting the pc and my windows 10 pro is original but that didn't help at all even when i lower the settings all to low in Valorant which is a game that doesn't need that much performance the pc still freezes i checked the ram it is connected correctly and i double checked that all the drivers are up to date here are my specs:
CPU: Intel core i7 6700k
GPU: nvidia geforce gtx980
motherboard: gigabyte techonology Z170-D3H-CF
Power supply: cooler master 700 W

I also attached a photo for the system when i play valorant on the lowest settings


  • Capture.PNG
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Power supply: cooler master 700 W
The most likely cause of the issue, you can count on one hand how many PSUs that CM have ever made that were good enough to support a decent add on video card with their best effort being way back in 2013 when they used Seasonic innards in a few of their V series.

Try swapping in a good quality brand 500W or above PSU for testing purposes if you can, something Gold efficiency rated would be best but for testing a Bronze rated unit will do.
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