PC Freezing and Crashing When Starting Random Games

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PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Jun 11, 2021
Hello, I'm stumped with this. I built my first PC about 6 months ago now:

MSI Mag x570 Tomahawk Wifi ATX AM4 - Ryzen 9 5900x - Deepcool Assassin III Cooler - EVGA FTW3 Ultra 3080 - 64GB (4x16) G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-3600 CL16 - Corsair RMx 1000W 80 Gold Fully Modular ATX PSU - Samsung 860 Evo 1 TB - Samsung 860 Evo 2 TB - Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500 GB M.2-2280 NVME - Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME - LG 27GL850-B 27" 1440p Monitor - BENQ GW2255 24" 1080p Monitor.

I've never had this issue that I have now encountered tonight. I was streaming Warzone and upon the game ending and heading back to the lobby, I saw that my OBS preview window had froze, and then a few seconds later both of my monitors went black and my PC crashed and restarted within about 30 seconds.

Windows had an update when it restarted after the crash, so I let it update, my PC rebooted, and I decided to use Driver Booster to update any random out-of-date drivers, as well as I checked NVIDIA experience and saw that there was a new graphics driver to install, so I did a "Clean Installation" of that where it uninstalls everything and reinstalls everything that is current. I restarted my PC.

So I said "OK, whatever" and started the stream back up and proceeded to open up Resident Evil: Remake. I got to the "CAPCOM" screen and my OBS preview window froze again, and once again both of my screen loss signal and my PC crashed and restarted within about 30 seconds.

I tried opening Resident Evil: Remake again when my PC rebooted, no stream, nothing else going on, and I once again got to the "CAPCOM" screen and my PC froze, lost monitor signals, and PC crashed and rebooted.

So I decided to test some other games, I tried opening Warzone since it first did this when I was streaming Warzone. I opened Warzone and got to the menu and my PC froze, no signal, crashed and rebooted.

Tried Red Dead Redemption 2 with some pretty high settings and on 1440p and ran the in-game benchmark, nothing crashed. I opened up PUBG just fine as well, no crashes.

I also downloaded the Benchmark test "Superposition" and ran it at 4K optimized as well as 8K max settings just to REALLY see if it would crash. Nope, went through both benchmarks just fine, I'll attach each score to this thread.

What could the issue be? Some people on Twitter told me my PSU could possibly not be enough and it's shutting down. I don't know how to test this, but I wouldn't think a 1000w PSU wouldn't be enough, I thought it was a little overkill when I built the PC, and everything wattage calculator I've looked at where you input all of your PC parts and it tells you how much power it'll need, it's well under 1000w, not even 850w.

If anyone has any ideas or need any more explaining then by all means please reply, because I'm stumped. I have no clue why I can't open RE or Warzone but I can run other games/intense benchmarks just fine without crashing. I'd like to get it sorted so I don't have to worry about anymore random crashes, especially if I'm streaming.



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PCHF Manager
PCHF Manager
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Jul 21, 2016

For starters i would suggest you do not use Driver Booster (Iobit) it has a bad rep.. What other peripherals do you have connected ?

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