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Solved New USB webcam - mic not working, not found

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I recently bought a Logitech C270 HD webcam, brand new. I cannot get its built-in mic to work. Video works fine but no mic is detected. I've made sure it's enabled in Device Manager. And under PC Settings>Privacy>Microphone, 'Let applications use my microphone' is set to On. I've installed the relevant drivers several times with no luck (had to do it from a 3rd party site as the Logitech support site isn't working properly). Zoom and Skype can't detect the mic. Neither can Sounds or Sound Recorder in Windows (running 8.1). When I run Troubleshooter, Windows says the mic is Disabled (which I can see it isn't).

I tried updating the onboard Realtek audio drivers from HP (my PC is a HP Pavilion 500-515) in case there was some sort of conflict, but that made the speakers stop working, with the same problem as the mic - Windows said they were disabled, which they weren't. Is there a setting hidden away in Windows that's disabling new audio devices? Any help appreciated.

It is a possibility that that mic,might be defective.. Did the cam come with software? Also as soon as possible i would replace that third party driver.. These are known to have a lot of useless ad's/software in them as soon as Logitech site is working properly.. It may come down on using the warranty and get a replacement..
It didn't come with any software. The drivers & software I used are the Logitech ones, but from a different site as the Logitech site is unusable. Initially I thought the mic might be defective, but then after trying to update the sound card drivers I had the exact same problem with the speakers as I've got with the webcam mic - they were not recognised, and windows thought they were disabled, even though they weren't. I sorted that by doing a System Restore and the speakers work fine, as they had done before. So I think it's some sort of problem within windows when trying to update the audio drivers/software
Fixed. For anyone with a similar problem, I found the solution here:

This is what worked:

Go to Start>Search and type 'cmd'. Search will return cmd.exe. Right click on this and select 'Run as Administrator'. At the prompt type:

net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice
press enter then type:
net localgroup Administrators /add localservice
press enter then type:
press enter and restart your computer

Thanks for the replies, vger
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