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Mouse sensevity problem

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Jun 16, 2020
so l did some reaserch and still nothing it stared in csgo in game l was playing and mouse suddenly stared increasing its value it felt like it and so l deaserced the vaule to 1.58 from 1.89 l have dpi 800 l have dpi button but it dosnt change anything after clicking l bought a new mouse it still the same mouse is wirrless like before l dindt make changes l have raw input in game it fells wird no accuret any more it not stiff change to 1.58 dosnt change any thing its not stiff anymore What can have inpact on computer mouse sensevity l did too reset my computer to fabric setting and sttil nothing it in every game too and on pulpit it faster then touchpad sens even its on same setting it before it was same as touchpad
what is the mouse make/model?
you say it has a DPI button on it, so there would be software available for it, have you downloaded and latest version of it?, and is it running - should be a system tray icon.
no l dont have any bulit system to this mouse l have heared that rezers synaps can cause higher sensevity you just need to unsistal it to fix.My model is Dove wireless optical mouse before l had lenovo mouse and it had the same problem so l thought it mouse fault becose it had 5 years
get your hands on another mouse, just a cheapy USB one, and that may narrow down some issues.
and as a quick fix, create another user account and log in on that and see if anything improves.

also, what is exact make/model of that Dove mouse (can't say I've ever heard of the brand).

you said it has a DPI switch, is it one of those that you can program via the supplied software or does it have predefined levels that you can select?
if so, what is it set to and if you pick another setting what happens?
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