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Help with understanding internet speeds

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Apr 30, 2017

I'm wanting to know how to translate wifi speeds into download and upload rates. The info given to me by my ISP is as follows:

WiFi 802.11ac @ 5Ghz wireless networking,
WiFi speeds up to 1.3Gbps

With the above in mind, what would a reasonable expectation as far download/upload rates?

According to a recent Speedtest I ran, my download rate is 11.26Mbps and my upload rate is 1.05Mbps.

Do the above speeds match up with the speeds provided by my ISP?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Juan,

WiFi 802.11ac @ 5Ghz wireless networking,
WiFi speeds up to 1.3Gbps

This is the spec that your hardware has been tested and shown to be able to work at but it depends on what type of service you are paying your ISP provider for as to the upload and download speeds that you will get.

Found the info here for how to convert one to the other, didn't know the answer myself but hopefully the info at the link answers your question.
To add to what has been stated here.

It is best to use different sites to test internet speed and do it different times of the day and night.

Sites that test internet speeds are not always accurate.
Things to consider when looking at speeds being reported
Wired vs Wireless
Anti Virus and Firewalls
The speed that the site server can transfer data
Business of that site (peek hours)
WiFi distance to signal
5Ghz vs 2.4Ghz
What the signal has to pass through (walls floor ceiling)
How many devices are attached using the network
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Hi, I'm sorry for not replying- it looks as though the issues I was having were to do with a corrupt file (xbox game, I've since gotten a refund).

As far as speeds are concerned, I took your points on your board and realised there would be a fair bit of interference as my kitchen is right next to where my modem is- so I have a wall, and also numerous appliances blocking the signal. I've since bought an ethernet cable to help with speeds.

While I can decipher megaBITS per second into megaBYTES per second I think I might be better off calling my ISP to get the bottom of how my service should be performing in constrast to what my plan is. The info I provided are the only numbers I could find, and if those numbers are only indicative of hardware, and not my plan I'll brew a pot of coffee and get on the phone.

Appreciate your help guys, apologies again for the delay in reply.

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