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Help I have no signal

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PCHF Member
Jun 30, 2020
I’ve just built my first pc and I was going to install windows but when I turned it on I got no signal on my monitor I looked it up and tried unplugging and replugging,taking out the ram,and gpu hoping it would just be a connection error but still the same no signal message

Motherboard:gigabyte A320m-S2H
Gpu:Radeon RX 570
CPU:Ruzen 3

Mr.Stark I don’t feel so good☹☹
Honestly I don’t even really know what that means, what are chipset drivers? I wasn’t told anything about them or how to install it

I sound stupid sorry
Yea the P.C. turns on the fans spin correctly,and no I haven’t tried swapping the cables I don’t have a second one at my disposal I was hoping it would just be something stupid but I’ll buy a second one as soon as I get paid hopefully that’s the issue
Not saying it is for sure, but. There is a possibility that your cpu is not supported without a bios update. That means you would need a cpu that is known to work with an early bios so you could update the bios to a version that supports your current cpu?

Before going down that path remove all the parts from your case and assemble the pc on a non conductive surface such as cardboard. Assemble it WITHOUT the graphics card and plug the monitor into the motherboard graphics port. test it.
Removed the graphics card and still didn’t get a signal

I got this build off a Joey Delgado videoans no ones had problems from what I can see in the comments I think I might’ve just messed up while putting it together or maybe a faulty wire
Not open for further replies.