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GPU usage going down slowly while playing, causing stuttering

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Hey guys,
I hope someone can help me with this.. having problems for a while now, but only with 2 specific games. (Weird thing is, these games dont have high requirements for PCs)

So first encounter with this problem was the Mass Effect 1 Remaster, while playing my GPU Usage dropped from 99-100% (perfect Framerates) to 20% and less. (10-15 FPS at worst case) and stayed low forever until I restarted the game. Found no solution back then, si I played the game and restarted every hour.
Now Im playing Bioshock Infinite Remastered, and I got the same annoying problem. Btw, I didnt have problems with Bioshock 1 and 2 Remastered.
I checked the temperatures, everything is okay, GPU goes to 80C° maximum. CPU Cram and Ram are fine too, and stay between 30 and 40% all the time, while playing. No changes here, its only the GPU.
Newer Games, that have much higher requirements for the PC work perfectly. For example AC: Valhalla or even Red Dead Redemption 2 on high settings. Played hours without any problems. Its only "older" games, that cause this problem. I tried to reinstall, reinstall graphic drivers completely new. Tried "stutter" fixes for Bioshock Infinite (setting VRAM higher in the Game Config file, deactivate VSync etc), nothing helps. I dont think its my Power supply either because then I would have much more problem in the heavy new games, that put all my PC to 100%m but they work perfect.

I play with an I7 7700k (not overclocked) and an RTX 2070 Super.

Please someone help me, because this is getting really really annoying. :(

PS: Game works perfect about 1 hour on 99% GPU Usage. Then the drops begin, and after another hour Im at 50%. Then the game gets unplayable with audio glitches and stuttering. And like I said, no temperature problem.
PSU should be good too. Im not 199% sure what psu I have, but like I said, newer games like RDR2 work perfectly for 8 hours+. So it actually cant be a power problem.

Evan Omo

Computer Support Technician
Support Team

Have you tried setting your Windows power plan to high performance? Are you overclocking any components? What version of Windows do you have installed?

Have you tried updating your motherboards BIOS to the latest version?

I would also try Performing a clean boot in Windows and see if the same behavior occurs.
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