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GPU header for RGB connector?

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PCHF Member
Jun 20, 2020
So i’ve looked through the manual for the block, but the only cable being mentioned, are the short 4-pin cable that would connect to the RGB-header on the mobo, and not the two other cables.
But aparently theres the other one(not the one pictured below) that also would connect to the RGB-header on the mobo.
So im just wondering if the three cables that goes from the gpu-block, serves the same purpose, but with just different types of connectors?
I’ve heard things like the connector on the tip, thats been snapped of the mobo, as well as the cable that would connect straight to the gpu-header on the gpu, rather than on the mobo?
EK-Vector Strix RTX 2080 Ti RGB - Nickel+Plexi.
Any idea?
thanks in regards.
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