Open Glitching Monitor Kogan 200hz 35" Curved utrawide gaming

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PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Jul 1, 2019
Hello, team, I am a long time reader first-time poster.

The issue is intermittent on 25" monitor but most severe; Bubbles screen saver often goes hypo after few hours, WattMan Resets due to unknown problems.
Can be suitable for a while and then impossible to rid the problem at this rate despite massive stress tests on CPU/Memory I suspect it either on most likely the ram
glitching will be on the 35" and not the others, but they exhibit slight glitched and colour swapping such as the same witnesses in loose cable connections.

Mobo: P8H61-M LE/USB. All drivers updated including bios
i7 2600 Sandy- Not S OR K
2x4GB dual channel 1333 DDR3 Ram
2x 120 (New SSD's) 1xWD Green 1 Solid Silicone something.
Radeon RX 570 4GB (New)
35" Kogan monitor (New) Do have other older plain 24/27" ViewSonic and Lg mons that are displaying minimal issue- no issue.
750W Thermaltake RGB (New Power supply)
New CR 2032 COSMO Bios board BATTERY

Using google only with a system that HAS NO RUNNING PROCESSES fluctuates the CPU & Memory usages between 45-90% Yet temps remain around 50-70 Deg C. To be expected for minor OC tunning.
I have stripped the system bare bone drive and vid card and all combinations of Ram and additions added over time stripped and reinstalled system/ Spread system across drives, Left breathing room added cooling taken cooling removed power drain Ect Sliced a 2 CM x 5mm deep cust into the pushing finger reinserting a ram spent over 8 Weeks running every variation possible and upgrading parts slowly.

UserBenchmarks: Game 51%, Desk 59%, Work 40%
CPU: Intel Core i7-2600 - 72.7%
GPU: AMD RX 570 - 52.9%
SSD: Spcc Solid State Disk 128GB - 45.7%
SSD: WD Green 120GB (2018) - 36.2%
HDD: WD Green 2TB (2011) - 64.4%
RAM: Unknown SRT4G86U1-H9H 2x4GB - 52.7%
MBD: Asus P8H61-M LE/USB3
Above is a Bench result ranking it to the best of 100% is much less than it used to turn out and that has only had a video card upgrade.

Tried all combos and tweaks in Bios ( Altho I will admit my last tech experience was about 15 years ago

The symptoms list and combinations of efforts go on and on.

I will attach some photos and videos if I can for your better understanding and evaluations. Should you need anything further please advise and flickering happens in bios but not when screen in on IGPU and lower Resolution without the Dedicated graphics attached, i am uncertain if rolled back drivers work due to losing track of what was tried I believe I had even done a clean OS Bios format and had the card installed and soon as system hit the internet the video card or driver identification installed the AMD suite itself.

In advance thank you to anyone, I Also send stats off to a custom factor builder I know and trust a w/H builder D&D computers in Sydney to see what he suggests and if he upsells/grade me.

I have a few vids that I can host and share a link if required. I suspect a simple problem or ram, but I have wasted too much time and money so far to keep guessing or ill be living in a cardboard box courtesy of the wife haha



PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Jul 1, 2019
An update.

So I ran memory tests and elimination tests it appears I may suspect a mem leak or broken board. But it seems after purchasing monitor first one arrives cracked DOA. The second one is fluxing or a capacitor or circuit link on close examination the glass seems to be fitted not factory so a potential repair job that failed and slight marks.

Testing monitor on an Xbox one HDMI and another HDMI device flickering screen issue still do my upgrades to video power sad have been in vain.

I did discover that the monitor handles duplicate setting ok or show one x mom only is ok and at a low resolution but increase resolution or put on a higher resolution Roku or Xbox device and this triggers the issue.

I know my intel is unorthodox in order and diagnostics too but if any light on subject or confirmation of having monitor replaced again much appreciated I am thinking of requesting 3x27" ultra wide alternatives be supplied as the 200htz 35 curved seems too fragile for a online retailer to get right and produce themselves.

(Excuse any barevments on a mobile device with the post)