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Solved Faulty graphics card? New monitor won't work on HDMI

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I recently upgraded to a Samsung S24F350H monitor, used as a single display for a 5-year-old PC. It will not work using the graphics card's HDMI output - the PC won’t boot up and freezes, and I have to clear the CMOS just to get it to start up again.

The PC is an HP Pavilion 500-515na, used as a family computer so no gaming or anything that needs more power. Graphics card is AMD Radeon 7660D + R7 240, which was factory installed so the video outputs on the motherboard are blanked out. Graphics card has 2 outputs – DVI and HDMI. Monitor has 2 inputs – VGA and HDMI.

The only way that I can get the monitor to work is DVI to VGA, via an adaptor. (The previous monitor was VGA only so was connected the same way. The PC’s HDMI output has never been used before). HDMI doesn’t work, neither does a DVI to HDMI cable. I have tried updating the drivers, using different HDMI cables, connecting things in a different order; nothing has worked.

The monitor isn’t faulty as I get the same result using another HDMI display. Is it possible the graphics card is faulty? Or is there something obvious I have missed? I haven’t flashed the BIOS, as I want to make sure I haven’t missed anything before I do that.
Being an OEM/brand name computer you need to get any drivers from them.

Create a new folder on the desktop, name it AMD drivers.

Download and save to the folder the latest drivers for your AMD device from HP here

Download DDU from here

Create a new system restore point then run DDU and uninstall all present AMD drivers.

Restart the computer in Safe Mode only (No Networking).

Install the new GPU drivers that you saved to the folder on your desktop.

Restart the computer, test then post back with an update for us.
It may help if you actually told us what happened.

Lets see what drivers you have installed;

Download and run DriverView which you can get from here

Save the results to text and attach to your next reply for us if you will.
Ah finally some success! I ran the AMD driver software again and have connected my TV as a second screen, and it displays fine from HDMI to HDMI, with the monitor still displaying fine from DVI-VGA. Though when I just swapped the cables, the monitor again won't display via HDMI (having disconnected the dvi/vga cable). Any ideas why that might be? Thanks for your help so far.
I've got the monitor working now, via DVI-HDMI, at full resolution. Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate the time you took. Sorry for my lack of tech know-how!
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