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Download of the day: Sigil


PCHF Tech News
Jan 10, 2015

Download Sigil and you'll be able to create a professional-looking ebook in no time, no matter what your experience level is.

Why you need it

Thanks to the connected nature of the world today, publishing your own ebook and getting your work seen by readers across the world is a real possibility. And if that's something you aspire to, downloading Sigil is a great start.

That's because Sigil is a free ebook creator that can be used by beginners and experts alike. The WYSIWYG ('what you see is what you get') interface allows novice users to dive straight in and create an ebook, while expert users can get extra control by tweaking the ebook code directly.

Sigil is packed with features that give you plenty of control without bewildering the user. The interface is clean and clear, with a book browser on the left, a document viewer in the middle and a screen displaying the table of contents on the right. Icons are similarly intuitive, while a range of tools allow you to check spelling, insert chapters and images, check HTML for errors and more.

So if you're looking to create an ebook and get your work seen by a wider audience, Sigil is an excellent free tool to help you along the way.

Key features

  • Works on: PC, Mac, Linux
  • Versions: Free
  • Create ebooks: Sigil can help you get your written work ready for distribution in ebook format
  • Can be used by all: Whether you're a novice or a seasoned expert, Sigil has features to suit all users
  • Handy features: From a spell checker to a chapter creator, Sigil has all the tools you'll need to create a professional-looking ebook
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