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Download of the day: FotoSketcher


PCHF Tech News
Jan 10, 2015

Quickly creating beautiful paintings and pencil sketches from your photos is simple with FotoSketcher.

Why you need it

Very few of us are talented enough to paint highly realistic works of art, but that's what makes FotoSketcher such a great piece of software – it converts any photo into art at the click of a button.

There are 25 different artistic styles and effects to choose from, including oil painting, watercolour, pencil sketch or ink drawing. Each can be adjusted to get exactly the result you're looking for, and the photo you use as a base can also be tweaked with a few simple editing tools.

And there's no need to worry about guessing how your changes will take effect, as FotoSketcher allows you to preview your adjustments in a second pane before it creates the artwork.

So whether you want to create a quick sketch to use as the basis of an actual painting, or just want to create a few beautiful art-inspired images from your photos, FotoSketcher is an elegant free solution.

Key features

  • Works on: PC
  • Versions: Free
  • Adjust your photo: FotoSketcher contains some basic image editing tools so you can ensure your photo is ready to go
  • 25 artistic styles: There are loads of styles to choose from when converting your photo, and each one is highly customisable
  • Tweak the effect: As you adjust the effect settings, FotoSketcher shows you the outcome in a second pane so you know exactly how your artwork will look
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