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does intel core i5 4th can still be good for gaming

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hey everyone i was playing on console and decided to switch to pc but i don't have enaugh money to buy the latest cpu , gpu on the market
i decided to stay on low budget and go for an i5 4th gen and a gtx 1660 with 8gb ram...
i wanted to know if the cpu is it playable
i don't wanna do live stream or video editing i just want it for video games
Hello midnightrush12,

Which particular i5 CPU are you considering, some are much better than others.

Also important is the RAM that you get, it must be compatible with the CPU and for the best performance you need to have two matching sticks so that you get dual channel, if you go for one 8GB stick you will only have single channel which is 50% of the performance that the RAM is capable of when in dual channel.
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