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Solved CPU Overheating; Fan Running Low

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Recently I have been having issues with my CPU overheating. Just idling right now my BIOS reads that it is at 146F/58C. When gaming it reaches upwards of 160F. Occasionally it will restart itself but not too often.

Looking around in my BIOS I noticed that my CPU fan stays at a constant RPM of about 2020, well below its limits, whether it’s overheating or not (I get warning at about 160F).

I have been messing around with computers for a while, but really I don’t know what I’m doing. I have tried to search within my BIOS to attempt to boost my fan speed but had no luck. I found an option to set the CPU fan to “Turbo” however it stayed the same speed.

I don’t even know if increasing fan speed would be that much help, or if there is something else I could do to help bring down the temperature.

Any advice on increasing fan speed/other fixes would be appreciated.
some things to try...

your BIOS version is 0908, the ASUS website has version 4105 available (dated July 2013, so it's old).
get that and see if any options allow better fan control.

based on the BIOS version age, I'm guessing the motherboard has never been serviced, so I'd be removing the CPU fan and heatsink for a clean and de-dusting and re-applying new thermal paste to the CPU chip.

also blow out any dust buildup from within the chassis.

see how that effects the temps.
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