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Solved BSoD stop: 7b

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My fiancee and I ordered some pc parts to upgrade some of her pc, we did not touch the hard drives or ssd's, we upgraded her processor, got her a liquid cooler, and new ram sticks and motherboard, I had to travel back to the states as my vacation was ending before we could get all the parts to her so I could help her install them, she just got done installing all the parts tonight and now she is getting the BSoD stop: 0x0000007b (0xffff880009a97e8, 0xffffffffc0000034, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000).

We have tried every thing I have found online, checked all the bios settings and they were all correct of that she should have them and should work, my last option is going into the bios and having her set it as default settings and see if that works, I feel bad because I was supposed to be there to help install the new parts and trouble shoot any problems myself.
I ordered some pc parts to upgrade some of her pc, we did not touch the hard drives or ssd's, we upgraded her processor, got her a liquid cooler, and new ram sticks and motherboard,
The computer is blue screening because Windows is unable to load the incompatible chipset drivers from the previous motherboard, an experienced user could go to the time and trouble of connecting the boot drive to another computer then finding and deleting any drivers associated with the original hardware,

Novice users should straight away clean install Windows, the chipset drivers for the new MB and if one is to be used the drivers for any add on GPU.
No, chipset drivers are only available from the motherboard manufacturer and either need to be installed from the disk provide with any new board or alternatively downloaded and saved to a USB thumbdrive should the board not be out of the box new and the driver disk missing.

The chipset drivers are the most important and have to be installed first or you will get all sorts of problems.
Her new motherboard is the asrock b450m pro and the cpu is amd ryzen 5 2600. Trying to figure out if you can update drivers in bios from a usb, she doesn't have a second pc to run her lone hard drive and I'm not there to help first hand. And I haven't encountered this issue before when replacing pc parts for my own PC's.
You have to install Windows before you can install any drivers and Windows will not boot when there are chipset drivers for another motherboard are on the boot device.

Clean install Windows, install the chipset drivers then go from there, no alternative approach.
Reason why I asked is because Microsoft now stores Windows product keys alongside the accompanying MB details on its servers meaning that once the Windows key has been registered on a system using one MB the same product key cannot then be used with any other MB unless the original key was a full retail type that is no longer in use on another computer, Windows will either fail to activate and/or you will get locked out of Windows updates and have the unlicensed copy of Windows warning on the screen.
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