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Bitdefender won't run

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Recently installed Bitdefender AntiVirus Free on my laptop (Win 7 Profrssional). It identified SpyBot and MacaFee Virus programs for removal before it would install. These were removed and installation completed. System rebooted and all seemed fine. I expected to find an icon in the system tray but there wasn't one so I double-clicked on the desktop shortcut which opened a box to tell me that the Security Service wasn't running. There was an option to restart it, which didn't work.
After uninstalling and re-installing the same thing happened. Opened Task Manager/Services and clicked on the 'Services' button. Detailed info showed that BitDefender Security Services was 'Automatic' but 'Stopped'. After further investigation I discovered that the program did begin to run before being stopped. I have disabled Windows Defender and included the BitDefender Security Services (vsserve.exe) file in Windows Firewall list of allowable programs, but to no avail. Any suggestions please?
Try this

Make sure when you uninstall Bitdefender to use this tool HERE Also ensure you have no other security software installed. Use McAfee uninstall tool too HERE

This is not such an uncommon problem with Windows 7, have you tried contacting Bitdefender?

It really is time to update to Windows 10.
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Sorry to say that your suggestions didn't help. Haven't phoned BitDefender support because they state on their website that they don't provide technical support for their free version. Have been through regedit and removed any references to previous av software. Did notice in one section, reference of which I can't recall, that the status of BD Security Services changed between 'true' and 'false' on several occasions. Haven't been able to investigate that further because the laptop, which actually belongs to my brother, is not available to me at the moment. So long as he doesn't shutdown and restart Windows then BD Security Services is operating.
Did as you suggested and the only AV software identified was Bitdefender, which I used Eset to remove before shutting down, restarting and re-installing BitDefender. Problem still exists and can still be temporarily overcome by starting the file (vsserv.exe) in Services.
Reinstall bitdefender, then remove it with Geek uninstaller.

Tried as you suggested. No further forward unfortunately.
Have now lost count of the number of times I have uninstalled and reinstalled BD without success. Had a look at event viewer and it says that start up of vsserv.exe times out. Have tried increasing the waiting time for it to start (via regedit) without success.
Please download the FRST 32 bit or FRST 64bit version to suit your operating system. It is important FRST is downloaded to your desktop.

If you are unsure if your operating system is 32 or 64 Bit please go HERE.
Once downloaded right click the FRST desktop icon and select "Run as administrator" from the menu"
If you receive any security warnings, or the User Account Control warning opens at any time whilst using FRST you can safely allow FRST to proceed.
FRST will open with two dialogue boxes, accept the disclaimer.

frst disclaimer.jpg

  1. Accept the default whitelist options,
  2. If the additions.txt options box is not checked please select it.
  3. Then select Scan
Frst will take a few minutes to scan your computer, and when finished will produce two log files on your desktop, FRST.txt, and Addition.txt. They will display immediately on the desktop, but can be reopened later as a notepad file.


Please Copy and Paste the contents of these logs in your next post for review by our Security Team
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