Repair your icons with "Rebuild Icon Cache"

Repair your icons with "Rebuild Icon Cache" 1.2

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Have any of your icons changed to a generic type or been corrupted?

When Windows displays your icons it gets them from a database list it creates as you open and use new programs. Windows actually makes copies of these icons and stores them in the database making retrieval much faster when they are called up. Sometimes these copies of icons get messed up and this little app we are going to look at now can fix this very quickly by rebuilding the Windows database of copied icons.

Being Windows there are multiple ways of repairing this icon cache but this guide will look at an app that for many users will make it easy to use without delving into the depths of Windows.

The App is called "Rebuild Shell Icon Cache" and it comes from the people at Sordum. "Rebuild Shell Icon Cache" is a tiny portable app (meaning no installation necessary) and works on all modern Windows PC's on both 32 and 64 bit systems, oh and it's free. If you are unsure if your system is 32 or 64 bit have a look HERE.

To get a copy of "Rebuild Shell Icon Cache" head over HERE and download it. "Rebuild Shell Icon Cache" comes as a Zipped or compressed file so use your favourite decompression/Unzip tool to expand it. This will create a new folder which when opened will display a total of three files. Double click the appropriate file for your system.

That's it, You will notice your desktop will go dark for a few seconds as Explorer closes and reopens, and as quick as that your icon cache has been rebuilt. Your corrupted icons should now display correctly.

If you find your icons have gone feral this great little app may just repair them back to how they were?
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