Find files with Everything search tool.

Find files with Everything search tool.

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Here's a handy search tool you may like to check out? Compared to Windows search and third party file managers this little app really flies with unbelievably fast search results, and as a bonus is free with both installer and portable versions for 32 and 64 bit modern Windows available.

This guide has been made with a portable 64 bit version, but all versions can be had here. If you are unsure if you have a 32 or 64 bit system CHECK HERE

32 bit Installer version HERE
32 bit Portable version HERE
64 bit Installer version HERE
64 bit Portable version HERE

Of course the portable versions can be used on a flash drive meaning you can take the app anywhere with you.

Should you receive any security warnings when trying to install or run this program you can safely allow it.

Download and install the installer version or open the portable one, depending on your choice and the opening screen will look like the one shown below although the listed files will be different to the ones shown here of course. The first time the app is run it may take a few seconds to index all your files but subsequent runs will be almost instant. There is an extensive list of options available in the tools menu but the default options should suit. The picture below shows the opening screen with all folders on the PC listed first followed by files. The bottom left of the dialogue box displays the number of files and folders listed.

The app is very easy to use by simply typing file or folder search name in the title bar, as an example let's do a search for "Hijackthis" which is thought to be somewhere on this PC. You will notice as soon as you start typing a search term into the title bar Everything will start populating the results pane and the more of the search term you type the more it will narrow down the results to your search criteria. You will also see that the search results will be displayed almost as quick as you finish typing the search term.

Note also the results display our search term no matter where it is in the folder or file path.

Right clicking on any entry listed will allow all the normal file/folder operations to be executed.

A word of warning though, if you are using this tool to help clean files from your machine do be warned that it does a great job of deleting almost anything, so as usual be careful of removing files you are unsure as to their origin.

This search app has to be about the fastest around, leaving Windows search tool and file managers in its dust. Try it and you will find it a great tool you wont want to be without:)

If you have any questions about this app or any other computer issues please ask in our forums.
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