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Temporary Profile error

Temporary Profile error

If you log into Windows and receive the message, We can't sign in to your account. You've been signed in with a temporary profile, your normal user profile has not been used and a temporary one has been created. Until the issue is fixed, when you reboot, any changes made are not saved as the TEMP profile is recreated at next login.

A register fix is available here; https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/48012-fix-youve-been-signed-temporary-profile-windows-10-a.html
As with all dealings with the Registry, it is advisable to back it up first. This solution may be daunting for the novice user.

A software solution is here; https://www.carifred.com/apf/
There have been reports of this not always fixing the issue.

A sure-fire remedy is to create a new user account as follows;
  • Click the Start button > Settings > Accounts > Other Users
  • Choose Add someone else to this PC
  • Choose I don’t have this persons sign-in information
  • Choose Add a user without a Microsoft account
  • Enter a new username, password and fill in the security questions
  • Click Next
We now need to change that new account to be an Administrator;
  • In Settings > Accounts > Other users
  • Click the newly created user
  • Choose Change account type
  • Use the drop-down arrow under Account Type and choose Administrator
  • Click OK
Restart your PC and log in under the new account.
All your settings will be set to defaults as Windows sees this account for the first time.

You can now use File Explorer and move your personal folders from the old account located in C:\Users\{old profile} to the new profile - C:\Users\{new profile}
Be sure to include these folders; Documents, Downloads, Desktop, Pictures, Music, Videos.

Leave the old profile folder as is. It still contains other personal data that may be useful, like browser bookmarks, emails, and customisations used by other programs. Eventually this old profile folder can be deleted.
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