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Remove Old System Restore Points

Remove Old System Restore Points

How To Remove Old System Restore Points

System Restore automatically creates restore points by making shadow copies of Windows, these copies can take up memory and build up quickly as you use your computer.

By cleaning up System Restore points by Deleting all but the last restore point will free up memory and maybe improve windows performance slightly.

Note: You should only use this feature if you are 100% sure you will not need the old system restore points, because once they have been deleted...they are gone for good!

To remove all but the last system restore point follow these simple steps.

Click the Start Button and type CleanMgr and Press Enter.

Choose your Default Hard Drive (normally Drive C) and click OK.

Select Drive.png

The clean Manager will now Search through your system for files to delete.


When Clean Manager is done Calculating, click on Clean up system files.

clean up system files.png

And again select your drive.

Select Drive.png

It is now calculating the system files to delete.


Now click The More Options Tab. Under System Restore and Shadow Copies, this will remove all except the most recent restore point.

Just click on the Clean up button

Clean Up.png

Then click the Delete button.


This could take a couple of moments to finish.

Hope you found this useful.
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