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  • 63 yesterday morning..35 this morning
    You're not lying about your age again?
    Lo and behold,that rejuvenater worked..
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    Boo! ;)
    Just did up a great ham last night....
    Taters n onions..good broth and mixed veggies..glad you enjoyed yours!
    You might remember me.. maybe..
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    Those taters sound good...uhhhhh! no...trying to tho..:)
    Hi,vger its Jelly Bean,Ive beenemailing admin asking if there is a glitch on the forum or if I am banned as I cannot login but no one will reply,if a glitch can it be fixed if I am banned at least say I am.Ive only been away as Im gravely ill with MS not I hate the world,thanks Jelly Bean.
    I am very confused! I've been a member of PCHF for 6 or 7 years. When I tried to login my name and email address were not recognised. I used to get help, I think from you, Samuria (sp?) and Wolfymole (?)
    Are all the previous posts lost?
    Not sure how I pick up any reply from you but my email address is (edited)
    Ok then power back on..
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    Hope they keep it that way.
    Yeah it is slacking off now..but on the coast it tore up a bunch of stuff..
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