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  1. P

    Solved YouTube,Twitch, and GIF's are torn

    Hey all, this is my first question here so i apologise if its in the the wrong Thread. A few months back i upgraded from a Hall of Fame GTX780 to a gigabyte 1070 (the one with two fans) Ever since then, occasionally YouTube videos, GIF's, and sometimes twitch streams will be torn and pixelated...
  2. gus

    View your latest Youtube subscriptions all together.

    If you're an avid Youtube user and like me subscribe to too many uploaders you will know what a pain it is going through the list of subscriptions one at a time and checking out anything that may, or may not be, of interest. This short guide will show you how to display all the latest uploads...
  3. S

    Solved My laptop blue screens while watching YouTube or Twitch

    Hello, I have a ASUS X555L laptop running windows 10. It's been working fine since I got it last year but recently sometimes while watching YouTube videos or Twitch streams, the laptop will freeze. Sometimes it will recover and start working in a few seconds, other times it crashes. When it does...
  4. herlanczar

    Closed/Inactive Google websites works on other gadgets but not on Laptop

    When I go to Youtube, it doesn't appear properly and won't play video. I also can't logout on my Gmail. I tried restarting my router and clean my pc for malwares, cleared cookies/caches, tried Google DNS and flush DNS on cmd but websites still won't work correctly. This happens only on my PC as...
  5. M

    Having trouble with Youtube on my Win 10 laptop

    Hello everybody, I've had a strange issue recently, where I would pause a youtube video or even go to the youtube homepage, close the lid of my laptop and come back some time later to some random video playing. It doesn't seem to make a difference wether the browser window is open or minimized...
  6. S

    Solved Major ping issues in online games, no noticeable issues with internet otherwise

    Hello there, Over the weekend my connection to online games dropped dramatically. Everything else (youtube, downloads, streams, webpages, etc.) works just as it used to. So far I have tried Updating drivers Clearing cookies/cache Giving said games exceptions through my firewall Closing other...