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  1. J

    Windows 10 does not boot

    Dear Forum users, firstly, i want to apologize, if i wrote this topic in the wrong section. Today, i was installing an update to Fortnite (popular PC game). After 2 hours of installation, i decided to turn on Google Chrome. When I did so, whole computer freezed and i had to turn it off manually...
  2. A

    Solved New Windows 10 PC wifi not working

    I just built a new pc and everything works perfectly, except my wifi. I bought a cheap usb wifi adapter from amazon and it was trash so I returned it and bought a netgear one, It was getting 50mbs down and 5mbs up, it was great, I left it running to download games and applications when I went...
  3. J

    Cannot Open the Outlook Windows, Error have been detected

    I have recently purchased a new Computer, Windows 10 with pre-installed MS Office 2016. My computer was working fine from last 1 months. But yesterday my Outlook stopped working and reported the error: “Cannot start MS Office. Cannot open the Outlook Windows. The set of a folder cannot be...
  4. M

    Having trouble with Youtube on my Win 10 laptop

    Hello everybody, I've had a strange issue recently, where I would pause a youtube video or even go to the youtube homepage, close the lid of my laptop and come back some time later to some random video playing. It doesn't seem to make a difference wether the browser window is open or minimized...