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windows update failure

  1. Mario Batako

    Have probelm with gpu drivers

    Windows keeps instlling weong drivers for gpu and its not letting me uninstall them code 43 AMD gpu
  2. GodHatesDabbing

    My computer randomly “shuts down” for no reason

    Let me preface this post by saying I’m not too well versed in the inner workings of computers, so if this is something obvious, I’m sorry! Thanks for your help! So I built my first pc last October with a LOT of help from a friend. He put together the parts list and helped me put it together...
  3. F

    Issue with Nvidia/Win 10 Display driver

    Hi Im having 3 big problems just trying to install whats necesary for my graphic card... The first one is this: i tought i just needed to use the compatibility mode but it dindt worked... then i tried to use Windows Update to get the last version of win and this happend I said "never mind...
  4. G

    Boot/Startup problems

    Please Help!!!!!!!! My computer has randomly started having problems booting/starting. It will begin loading, very slowly upon startup and it sometimes freezes before getting to the sign in window. Sometimes I make it to the sign in window, but it freezes there. Very rarely I'm able to sign in...