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  1. L

    good internet slow on computer?

    I have decent wifi but discord calls and videogames are unusable. discord calls will cut out on both ends. whenever I play any online game I get rubber banding and lag spikes. i tested the wifi speeds and the results were: 39ms ping, 34.4Mbps download, 7.48Mbps upload. the internet runs a little...
  2. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Did GTA V break My Internet?

    So every since downloading and installing GTA V from Steam my internet is basically broken. It is taking forever for pages to load, if they load at all, mostly it takes forever then says sever error, or server can't be reached. My connection seems to go out sporadically, and just overall it...
  3. F

    Windows 10 cannot find any wifi connections

    Yes, the wifi is working on my phone and on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet, so it's not a problem with my router. No, I do not use ethernet and never have on this pc I have a desktop and cant find a "wireless button" that some PCs have. I have tried updating network drivers but that still hasnt...
  4. J

    Unsolvable "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" Problem...?

    In all my years of owning a computer and browsing the internet, this has been the most persistent, confusing, and unbelievably frustrating problem I have ever encountered. I have never experienced anything like this, and I have never had such profound difficulty diagnosing a computer problem...
  5. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved WiFi Router for AT&T U-verse?

    Quick question. The router provided to me by AT&T sucks. I am two rooms away and experiencing signal lose on my laptop. So I was thinking of just buying a new router with an external antenna and maybe switching it over to 5gHz instead of the default 2.4 or whatever it is, because my download...
  6. Brandon Byrnes

    Better wifi card for Hp ProBook 450 G3?

    I am having wifi range issues with my laptop and was wondering if anyone can help me find a better wifi card for my laptop. I would get a usb one but I don't have a free usb port on my laptop. The current card I have is a Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260. Is it possible to upgrade this card...
  7. C

    Solved My wifi cuts in and out.

    I have a Lenovo G50-07 that came with Windows 8. I upgraded to Windows 10 on the last day it was available for free. For a few months, my wifi has been cutting in and out frequently, making it difficult to do anything that requires a stable connection. It does this even when I'm right next to...
  8. D

    Solved Wifi Repeater issue - Advice needed

    Alright guys, I am trying to setup a wifi repeater. I have done this in the past many times and it used to be a piece of cake but now as time has moved on a lot of brands have put restrictions as some of you may know, so sometimes its not so easy nowadays. I have a BT Wifi station N600 and a...