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  1. HolzstockG

    Certain websites don't work on both OS

    Hello there! I'm having for several days a sudden problem - I can not run lots of websites on Windows 10 without a reason. After plugging my smartphone to a computer I have changed in Windows to its internet and then I could open them, but problem still occurs on my main internet that computer...
  2. Dayblox

    Quick boot but 25s from login to desktop

    Hello, I recently bought a PC with Windows and set up a dual boot with Ubuntu and grub as a boot loader. Then I started looking for a way to customize grub and ended up setting up Refind. I ran into some issues and disabled secure boot to fix them. Everything works quickly, but on Ubuntu, I get...
  3. Stteffann

    Can anyone help me sound problems on HP dc7800 tower PC (Ubuntu 16)?

    https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Compaq-dc7800-Convertible-Minitower-PC/3459240/model/3459243?jumpid=reg_r1002_usen_s-001_title_r0001 I bought this for 15€ and it turns out you can't install W7 or newer Windows without updating BIOS. I have no idea how complex that is, and I was scared...
  4. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Firefox showing old bookmarks after using sync

    Earlier today I was experimenting for the first time with Linux Ubuntu and used Firefox in Linux, since this was the first time I used Firefox in Linux I decided to use the Firefox Sync option to get all of my current bookmarks. So I did that and it ended up showing bookmarks from like 8 months...

    Where are in Ubuntu VMWare shared folders?

    Hi! I'm user of Windows operating system. With Linux I have first experience on VMWare virtual machine. I installed VMWare Tools and configured shared folders. When I tried to find shared folders in Linux (64-bit Ubuntu) I was lost in large amount of folders. I found physical devices only...