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  1. z-d

    way too many svchost

    recently my pc started to go way slower than it should, like 2 days ago i could run fallout new vegas at 60 fps constant with no problem, but today the fps start to drop below 40 even when just reloading and no enemies on screen or no walking, just re-loading. So i checked my task manager and...
  2. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved WSAPPW process throttling CPU?

    So I was watching a YouTube video and suddenly it started going all twitchy, and the audio was going all staticy, and I noticed my taskbar glitching. So I went to task manager and my CPU was at 100% ( i have a core i7) and my memory was at 90% (I have 16GB or DDR4 RAM, and the primary process...
  3. F

    PC slow - Disk usage on 99%

    Windows 10, everything was working fine for me since the day Windows 10 was released. However in the last 3 days, my PC became extremely slow. 3 days before, I noticed that the PC became too slow that sometimes it started freezing. However after 2-3 hours it started working normally so I...