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  1. Ward

    LOW fps on PUBG with a new gaming laptop

    Hello, My laptop (student/gaming) came in yesterday and I quickly bought PUBG, because my other laptops were pretty bad for gaming. Is there any way to boost my fps or graphics with specific settings? Or is it normal that I only get a max of 30fps (settings on very low). I know PUBG isn't...
  2. N

    Solved CS:GO kicking me from VAC secured servers

    Hello, thank you to anyone who has the interest in helping me. So my issue is that while playing on a VAC-Secured CS:GO server, after a few hours or so I will get kicked saying that something on my PC is blocking VAC. (I attatched a screenshot of the exact message, called screenshot_1.png)...
  3. 1

    Solved Many games and apps broken

    -Sorry for the length of this post, there are a lot of problems and I do not know what details are relevant. A few days ago my games started to drop frames dramatically after a few minutes, then crashed with an error message which couldn't be seen through the black screens. When I went to open...
  4. D

    Issue(s) with Logitech F310 Gamepad

    Hello All, I will try to be as specific as possible. I have little to no technical expertise with computers, which is why I'm here! I have just purchased a Logitech F310 PC gamepad so that I can play old PlayStation games, that I have just purchased very cheaply off Steam, using a controller...
  5. N

    Closed/Inactive My games are randomly crashing

    Hello, I'm not very good with all the PC specs so not sure what I should give but I'm on windows 10, I have an I7 and GTX 960, 64-bit operating system. I recently bought Dishonoured and for some reason, it keeps crashing at random points during the game, this happens for me on Mount and Blade...