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  1. B

    Solved SSD in MiniPCI Slot?

    I have a HP ProBook 450 G3 and I was thinking of installing a SSD. I already have a 1TB Hybrid drive installed in the regular HDD location, but I had heard that it is possible to remove the wifi card from a laptop and use that slot for a SSD as long as the SSD is small enough to fit. I'm not...
  2. B

    Bought my first gaming laptop confused about SSD

    I purchased a msi GL62M 7RE-407 and it just came in today. When I read about it online I was under the impression it came with the 256gb m.2 SATA SSD. I looked on the ssd slot and it's empty. I've been looking online for some and apparently there are external and internal SSDs. I'm not sure...
  3. MrSadPants

    Trying to boot windows from external hard drive to my new ssd, but i have no down button to select.

    i have no down button to select my external hard drive in the boot menu. Is the only way forward to replace the keyboard? I have tried pressing all sorts of keys but it seems the only one that works for down is the one im missing. Also, will getting a new keyboard mean that I will have to...
  4. GundyGunner

    Internal Hard Drive Shows Up In Device Manager, But No Where In Disk Management

    I have a WDC 3TB Hard drive in my Computer along with a 120GB SSD in it as well. It is custom built from scratch, this may or may not be the reason since it is my first build. My computer recognizes that both drives are working in the computer, it the BIOS and in Device Management, but in Disk...
  5. D

    Installing programs on new ssd

    So my ssd was faulty, but luckily I was able to transfer all the files (literally copied and pasted) to my hdd. They're just sitting in a folder on my data drive at the moment and I have a new ssd installed. Is there a way to restore the settings and programs to how they were before the swap as...
  6. D

    Intel P600 SSD, worth it or rubbish?

    Hi, I am soon going to be getting an intel 600p 256gb ssd, it was part of an offer with my motherboard. I have looked at some reviews and they didnt say it was that great. But im wondering if anyone else has one and how they find it? I wont be using that ssd for gaming. If I do use it then it...
  7. coolhandluke

    Solved HDD to SSD Problem?

    Ok so a friend of mine has asked me to set up his computer, which is no biggie, I know how to set it up. However, he has asked me to take his hard drive and turn it on to a solid state drive. Now I have migrated an HDD to an SSD before using Paragon Migration Software, however, the one that I...