sleep mode

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  1. Giordano

    Display randomly shuts off after a minute or two of inactivity?

    Hello, I'm having a very random problem. After a literal few minutes, my computer will turn off the monitor and I guess go in sleep mode. If I hit the mouse, it turns back on and resumes as normal. Other times, I can leave the house for 10-15 minutes and it stays on just fine. I checked my...
  2. P

    Lenovo won’t sleep anymore, only hibernate!

    Hi guys, this is driving me crazy so I'd love any leads. Out of nowhere my Lenovo z585 (W10 OS) suddenly started hibernating every time I close the lid instead of sleeping. I've been through my advanced power options countless times, set the HDD to never turn off, entered "powercfg -h off"...
  3. R

    Solved Sleep mode no longer working (Lenovo z40 Windows 10)

    For the past few weeks my laptop won't go into sleep mode. I like to put podcasts on as I fall asleep and usually my laptop will go to sleep after 20 minutes of inactivity, and I pick up the podcast where it left off the next night. Now it just runs all night or, if I unplug it, it runs until...