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screen stuttering

  1. N

    My laptop's sound is glitching and my screen is freezing

    Hello everybody So lately I've been having a problem with my laptop, sometimes when i turn it on it starts acting weird. My sound starts to glitch for no reason at all, and the screen freezes for like a moment or so. I've tried reinstalling windows (not torrented), with all drivers (most...
  2. Anansischela

    Computer keeps stuttering

    Hello So I've been having this problem since a bit after I built my computer of my computer freezing up both in keyboard and mouse input and some graphics as well. It get's worse and worse the more hours go by to where even just moving the mouse makes that "can not register mouse input" beeping...
  3. jron

    Screen Flickering in PUBG and Fortnite.

    So i just installed a new motherboard and cpu into my system. so naturally i tore everything apart put the new motherboard in and popped the new cpu in. Motherboard was not having it with windows when i tried starting it up so i reinstalled windows no big deal i downloaded all my stuff again and...