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ryzen 5 3600

  1. S

    Boot Help: White VGA LED on B550 Mobo.

    PC Spec: Ryzen 3600 ASUS TUF B550 plus 3060ti A white VGA LED appeared this morning on boot. The PC fails to output to the monitors, with the fans, cpu cooler and RGB LEDs turning on as per usual. I perused around for solutions but none seem to work. I have tried reseating the GPU and...
  2. 0case

    Display cuts off after few minutes of use

    Spec: ryzen 5 3600 gigabyte b550 gaming x gigabyte rtx 2070 super gigabyte 256gb nvme ssd gigabyte 650w psu coolermaster ML240 wd 1tb 7200 Issue: After few minutes after switching on, the display is cut off. GPU, Cooler, Case fans are spinning fine, power btn led is on, all led's are on, no...
  3. brypenaaa


    hey guys, iv been having problems with my gaming pc and the issue is low overall fps in games. It has been having the issue for months and I haven't been able to solve it. I reinstalled all drivers and windows 10 and still get the same performance. I have 100-120 fps in low settings for warzone...
  4. M

    Solved ryzen 5 2600x or 3600

    Hello everyone! I bought a ryzen 5 2600x for my gaming pc and I will be pairing it wil a 5700xt red devil, to play games like Far Cry 5, RDR2, Witcher 3, and heavily modded Skyrim in 1440p 144hz. The 2600x costed 125 euros and the 3600 costs 200 euros. Did I do the right choice? It seems like...