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  1. Brandon Byrnes

    Problem with flash drive after installing Media Creation Tool

    This is kind of a Windows 10 problem and kind of not. I installed the Windows Media Creation Tool on a 256GB flash drive so I could reinstall Windows 10 when I got a new SSD, now I don't need it on there and would like to use the flash drive for other things, so I reformatted the flash drive...
  2. D

    Formatting an external HDD - Which Allocation Unit Size should I use?

    Hi, I've got a 3tb HDD which I'll be formatted to fat32 using GUIFormat. I need it fat32 so my playstation and media players can read it. GUIFormat gives me a number of options to for the Allocation Unit Size which are; 512 1024 2048 4096 8192 16384 32768 65536 The files I intend to use it...
  3. N

    Cannot Reformat HP Stream 11 Laptop

    Description of problem Cannot Reformat stream 11 PC. The laptop was purchased from a school with it being locked. F11 cannot be used. Cause/Steps to recreate the issue So I created an ISO Imaged thumb drive (To act as DVD) this allowed me to try and reformat the laptop to Win 10, Issue is i...
  4. D

    I would like someone to have the patience to guide me in reseting to factory settings.

    I have tried to provide as much information about this Compaq. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to computers but not lazy to learn either. This computer does not run slow but the previous owner had given it to her son without really worrying about the tons of personal files from her...