random freezing

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  1. P

    In Progress Can someone tell me what might be the problem with my PC.

    Soooo recently might my PC has been doing these random Lag Stutters when im playing a game while running Discord as well (Games like Valorant).. My PC does one big lag spike where I cant even move my cursor and everything Freezes and the 5 seconds later another lag spike and then Boom MY PC...
  2. GreenTomte

    Pc randomly freezing and restarting

    My brothers pc is having a problem that it restarts randomly and freezes. Happens when gaming and looking on youtube. I have stress tested ram with memtest, cpu with prime95, hard drives with something random, gpu with furmark. Crash happend once while doing gpu stresstest. I did it 4 more...
  3. B

    Games Freezing

    I've got a decently powerful machine. It's got a Ryzen 7, GTX 1660, and 16GB of RAM. I've had it for about a year and it worked very well, but lately it's been giving me problems. In various games, it will randomly freeze for upwards of 30 seconds to a full minute. This happened with multiple...
  4. Maurice

    Solved My PC has been temperamental lately

    Firstly, Hello! This is my first thread and I dunno if I'm doing it right so bare with me Okay so, my pc randomly freezes and I can't do anything about it unless I restart it from the restart button, I've done all the tests that I could think of and nothing has solved the issue, I did a ram...
  5. A

    My laptop probably has a virus, but I can't find it

    Hello. Over 3 years ago, I got new laptop. But around one year into using it, it would sometimes freeze when doing bit more demanding tasks, and during that time, I also installed Minecraft on it, and played it a bunch for around a year. However, it started getting slighty worse, and with slowly...
  6. Pong876

    Random Freezing on HP Pavillion Gaming 17

    My Laptop keeps freezing after installing my dedicated GPU drivers (Intel(R) UHD 630) freezing is completely random and happens even when completing simple tasks and it just stays frozen until I turn off the PC with the power button.The Laptop works fine when I uninstall the GPU driver but then...