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  1. ZeroThree

    Solved Asus laptop won't turn unless I plug in the power chord.

    I bought an Asus Zephyrus GX701GWR about a year ago, and its been wonderful until 3 days ago, when I unplugged it (while the battery showed as 100% charger) and the laptop just went dead. I tried to power it back on but I could not, unless I connected it to the AC adapter. Thing is, I just used...
  2. M

    Pc power problem, help needed

    Hey there, I've got a puzzle here; hopefully someone can help me out. I had the same problem in the past and bought a new power cable and replaced my videocard. For a couple of months the problem was fixed. But again my pc sometimes does and sometimes doesn't turn on. There's always power; the...
  3. Patrick92

    Solved PC won't turn on, fans and LED's starts for a second then everything turns off.

    The previous day to this post an electrician came over to install ceiling fans and in doing so he turned the power off so without me knowing I tried to turn my pc on and it did what it is doing now, the fans run and leds for about half a second then die. The thing is I had the problem yesterday...
  4. E

    PC shutting down and restarting without warning

    Hi all, i have had quite a large problem with my pc ever since i had it. this is my first one so i am relatively new to the details of the problems and solutions. the issue is that my computer shuts its self down without any error or warning at all and then re-boots its self automatically a few...
  5. J

    Must disconnect and reconnect battery to power on Acer laptop

    This thread is related to How to avoid having to Power Reset a battery As it turns out, the previous solution only improved my situation. My laptop will now power on without a power reset. But if I leave it off overnight, I have to remove the battery and then put it back in in order to power...
  6. D

    PC comes on only when it wants to

    I have a HP Z210 Workstation. About a year ago I replaced the power supply with a EVGA SuperNOVA 750 B1, #110-B1-0750-VR. This required usage of an adapter because of HP's motherboard odd connector. I then replaced the video card with a EVGA Geforce GTX960. Ever since then, when the PC is...
  7. Johnathon Patterson

    Bluetooth Driver 'State_Power_Failure' Error

    Hello again, great PC doctors. I just did a clean installation of Windows 10 (Creators Update) via Bootable USB. Everything went according to plan. I've installed all* my drivers to my knowledge. I've tried to use the Bluetooth and it didn't work so I checked in Device Manager and the Bluetooth...
  8. CallumMcD567

    Toshiba Satellite wont start up with battery

    My Toshiba Satellite L50-B-1nx wont power up or wake up with the battery inserted. It can start up without the battery as long as the ac adapter is inserted. Once it is on it works with the battery and without it. It shows the charging LED however it says there is no battery detected and it wont...
  9. R

    Solved Sleep mode no longer working (Lenovo z40 Windows 10)

    For the past few weeks my laptop won't go into sleep mode. I like to put podcasts on as I fall asleep and usually my laptop will go to sleep after 20 minutes of inactivity, and I pick up the podcast where it left off the next night. Now it just runs all night or, if I unplug it, it runs until...