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  1. oreillyhuey

    Ethernet Speed is Faster on 2016 Medion laptop than my Year old custom built PC

    I've had my pc for nearly a year now and built it myself, the internet has always been pretty bad but I assumed it was to do with using WIFI so when I had a cat8 ethernet cable installed through the house so it reached my room I hoped for my internet to be improved but after many driver updates...
  2. P

    Monitor issues

    Hi, I’ve got a problem with my pc and my monitor. I’ve tried plugging in a HDMI and VGA cable but neither work as the monitor displays a inactive message for both cables. I was wondering if may it was the graphics card or something please help thank you
  3. Oosswwaldo

    In Progress Pc problem

    I recently just finished building my very first pc .when i start the pc all the fans start moving the lights turn on and the graphicard fans move also (and the rams sticks glow.) But there is nothing on the display . and its not the cable or the tv ehat could it be ??