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  1. danielelii

    SSD and HDD space optimization

    I as a music producer recently switched to PC from Mac. And I am wondering if it's possible to install Windows 10 on my SSD and my programs, plugins, music packs and such on my HDD. Since my SSD is only 250GB and my HDD is 1TB, I want to store most of my music stuff on the HDD, so that it...
  2. swasis


    so lately my pc started shutting down for no reason and i can't really seem to figure out why, i've tested my power supply with the pin method, tried clearing my cmos, cleaning my pc, but it still shuts down from time to time and after a couple shut downs it wont even turn on, i've noticed also...
  3. MatthewJeepz

    My brand new built Pc won’t post

    I have a Ryzen 3 2200G with a msi b450-a pro mother board. I have the vengeance LPX 16gb DDR4 Ram 3000mhz. I have a msi armor rx570 8gb. I also have a 120gb ssd and a 1tb hard drive. My case fans turn on, my led lights come on, the led on the motherboard turns on. I put it together and it won’t...
  4. Patrick92

    Solved PC won't turn on, fans and LED's starts for a second then everything turns off.

    The previous day to this post an electrician came over to install ceiling fans and in doing so he turned the power off so without me knowing I tried to turn my pc on and it did what it is doing now, the fans run and leds for about half a second then die. The thing is I had the problem yesterday...
  5. E

    Solved Computer Randomly Restarts (No BSOD)

    I'm not entirely sure which topic to post this under but crashes seems to be a half decent shot. So I built this PC around 4 months ago now and it was working perfectly fine with no issues up until around 1-2 weeks ago when suddenly it just decides to restart while I'm using it. At the time I...
  6. G

    Solved Keyboard and mouse drivers? Windows 10 drivers?

    my keyboard and mouse stopped working on my gaming PC, like any good not super techie i unplugged it and plugged it back in. Nothing. Restarted my PC, nothing. Now i can not get back into my PC (password protected) because the keyboard and mouse don't work. Went into the Bios and the keyboard...
  7. V

    Solved Is it possible to make these upgrades in my pc

    Currently I have a gigabyte ga-78lmt-s2 MBD and plan on buying a CORSAIR Enthusiast Series 850W ATX12V 2.31/eps12V 2.92 modular power supply black. Will this psu be compatible with my MBD? My second question is will this same PSU and MBD be compatible with a gtx 1070 founders edition...
  8. M

    Every game I launch Crashes?

    I built this gaming PC about a month ago and it runs pretty well for internetting, but every game I launch just crashes within a minute or less. For example I will try to launch Player unknowns battlegrounds from steam or discord and a crash reporter message pops up and reads "A PLAYER UNKNOWNS...
  9. A

    Something in my PC build making a loud quick rattle noise

    i just built my gaming pc less than a week ago. After I got it all setup and starting playing, there started to be a weird noise that would happen randomly. It seems to happen every time i first start a game up, and when I close it. At first I thought it was like bearings in the gpu fan, but it...
  10. B


    I need some help with my pc guys so I want to upgrade my ram I currently have g.skill 2x2gb ram in it and I brought two g.skill 2x4gb rams for it to make a total of 12gb ram when I have the 2x2gb ram in it by themselves the computer runs fine but when I put the 2x4gb in as well the pc crashes...
  11. B

    Solved Windows 10 laptop almost everything isn't working please help!

    So yesterday I went on my laptop as per usual and noticed that all of a sudden I wasn't connected to the WiFi. I then saw that it was on airplane mode so when I tried to turn that off it wouldn't and still won't, I searched up almost every kind of way to turn it off and it won't. Then I thought...
  12. Captain

    Solved Start-up Black Screen Issues With Blinking Underscore (Desktop)

    Hello, I've had PC start-up issues for maybe two months now (I've had the desktop for close to 6 months now possibly) and I figured I should ask for solutions because it clearly won't go away by itself. When I start my PC up sometimes it pops up with a black screen with a blinking underscore...
  13. O

    Msi b350 not recognizing r5 1500x

    Hello I bought a msi b350 pc mate and r5 1500x from amazon a while ago. I built the pc and the mobo didnt recognise the cpu, I thought the cpu was faulty and sent it back. I got the new cpu and had the same problem, so I the mobo socket must be faulty so i sent it back and got a msi b350 arctic...
  14. L

    PC got damaged during move

    Hey All- Built a pc around december of last year, and it got damaged while i moved across the country. I opened it up and the graphics card was dislodged, but intact, and the port that the graphics card was in was very slightly bent so I moved it to a different port. The computer boots fine, but...
  15. N

    Cannot Reformat HP Stream 11 Laptop

    Description of problem Cannot Reformat stream 11 PC. The laptop was purchased from a school with it being locked. F11 cannot be used. Cause/Steps to recreate the issue So I created an ISO Imaged thumb drive (To act as DVD) this allowed me to try and reformat the laptop to Win 10, Issue is i...
  16. W

    Pc won't boot

    so I started having an issue with my pc freezing yesterday and had been trying to do a system restore on it but it kept failing. Then last night after booting into Windows it froze again so I forced a shut down holding power for 5 seconds. I come back today to try and fix it but the pc will not...
  17. E

    is my pc able to run steam games?

    i have just bought a new pc and im just wondering if it can keep up with games like csgo and battlegrounds? the specs are: Details General TypePersonal computer Product Form FactorMini tower ColourBlack LocalisationEnglish / United Kingdom Processor / Chipset CPUAMD A series A8-7410 / 2.2 GHz...
  18. A


    Ok so I just built my gaming this last Friday (March/31/2017) and this is not my first build either I've just never had this problem before. I got everything set up and installed and when I went to do my first boot it just wouldn't turn on. So I did everything I could to possibly fix it and it...