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  1. I

    Laptop shutting down after minutes in-game.

    Hello, my laptop seems to be randomly shutting down after 3-5 mins after playing certain games. It's an Asus ROG G750JX and fairly old but it has what I need to play those, but there is the problem with it just shutting down. I already cleaned the Laptop from inside out and installed new...
  2. D

    Overheating—please help

    I have a Lenovo Y510P ideapad with an Intel Core i7-4700MQ, a GeForce GT 755, and a Intel HD Graphics 4600. This laptop has ran the games I want to play good for years. A couple months ago it suddenly started roaring every few seconds and freezing my game. I downloaded a program that tells me my...
  3. M

    PC Shuts off unexpectedly sometimes not a single software being used!

    Hello all, My PC CYBERPOWERPC AMD Windows 8.1 64 bits (more data on attached TXT files) has been shutting off unexpectedly sometimes not a single software being used! I recently replaced the thermal paste of both the graphics card and the mother board (cpu?) and it is still happening...I have...
  4. C

    Solved Fans max speed, CPU red led on, CPU Overheat warning on startup

    Specs: i5-7600k h100i v2 Asus ROG Z270F gtx1080 Alright now the issues. I have not had any problems with this computer since building it ~ 6 months ago. The other day I decided to try overclocking my gpu (haven't done research on it) and then decided to turn it off as it seemed to have...
  5. Josh Parker

    First PC build BSOD's after 25 minutes of load.

    I have just built my first real PC about 4 months ago. Since last week I have started to play some games on it (Overwatch, Planetside2, etc.). After about 25 minutes of playing a game, the computer will blue screen of death (BSOD) the errors in order of frequency: Memory Management...
  6. passwurd

    Solved Does Overclocking require a Overclocking program or BIOs settings to run?

    I'm asking this because I'm getting a 1050Ti Overclocked, and I don't know if it goes to Overclocking automatically or with manual input. So, if I get this out of the box and set it up, can I expect it to run normally with no overclocking?
  7. Andrew Alturas

    PC overheating more then usual

    My PC has started to heat up more then usual. The CPU goes up to about 70c when playing games like overwatch or games like that in general and its around 40c when idle (using internet). Would anybody know what it could be? I have a corsair H60 liquid cooling and i just recently replaced the...